Feminist Professors Take Over Yr Airwaves! 


let’s just be honest, let’s just be real::we are two WTF bachelors raising some cats without payment for our summer work and the start-up cost for a podcast is about $200 (microphones, hosting costs, Melody’s rage pills, etc.). we actually don’t want money for that. we want money for one coffee (for Mel) and one tea (for Raechel)  :: $4. if you could spare the change, this weird internet bird would appreciate it. just click on the birdie (I see you, Birdie Sanders) and they will take you away. killjoys need fuel, too. xoxo, FKJ


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.45.58 PM

Feminist Killjoys, PhD is a podcast created by two professional killjoys, Dr. Melody Hoffmann and Dr. Raechel Tiffe. Melody and Raechel did their doctoral work together at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Communication Studies (focus on Critical Media Studies). Both minored in Feminist & Critical Sexuality Studies. Both are feminists, punks, Aquarians, vegans, yogis, and activists. Needless to say, they became fast friends.

Nearly two years after completing their PhD work, Melody and Raechel decided to create a space where they could connect about pop culture, politics, and feminism (all the stuff they used to talk about in the office!). As dedicated, new-media-focused pedagogues  and community-engaged scholars, they thought the podcast would be a perfect platform to host these conversations.


Feminist Killjoys, PhD is using the airwaves to: 

*Discuss current events through critical, academic, feminist, and activist lenses

*Analyze pop culture and share feminist media

*Bring our scholarship outside the academy

*Further our pedagogical skills

*Bring attention to special guests that do important work

*Start conversations 

*TAKE UP SPACE (in a world that tells us not to)

….and more!

raechel & melody

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