Feminist Killjoys

Feminist Killjoys, PhD is a podcast created by two professional killjoys, Dr. Melody Hoffmann and Dr. Raechel Anne Jolie. Melody and Raechel did their doctoral work together at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Communication Studies (focus on Critical Media Studies). Both minored in Feminist & Critical Sexuality Studies. Both are feminists, punks, Aquarians, vegans, yogis, and activists. Needless to say, they became fast friends.


Metody powiększenia penisa

Boombreast opinie


Najmocniejszy lek na potencję bez recepty

Sex telefon tani

Nearly two years after completing their PhD work, Melody and Raechel decided to create a space where they could connect about pop culture, politics, and feminism (all the stuff they used to talk about in the office!). As dedicated, new-media-focused pedagogues and community- engaged scholars, they thought the podcast would be a perfect platform to host these convos.

Feminist Killjoys, PhD is using the airwaves to: 

*Discuss current events through critical, academic, feminist, and activist lenses

*Analyze pop culture and share feminist media

*Bring our scholarship outside the academy

*Further our pedagogical skills

*Bring attention to special guests that do important work

*Start conversations

*TAKE UP SPACE (in a world that tells us not to)

….and more!


A note on our name: 

The term “feminist killjoy” has existed for a long time, but it was popularized and concretized in the academy by Sara Ahmed. We are grateful for her work and hope our show can pay homage to her theory of the feminist killjoy. We certainly aren’t trying to take credit for the concept; rather we hope to embody and carry on a long tradition of feminist resistance!

We also devote Episode 3 to Ahmed and her work.