Episode 1: Celebrity Feminism

2 march 2015


In the pilot episode, Melody and Raechel tackle the implications of celebrity feminism. What is the value of the feminism lite espoused by most famous feminist-identified Hollywood elites? How does it influence how we teach feminism and what we hear from our students in the classroom? Should we hold celebrities accountable for “good” feminism (and what is that anyway)? Was bell hooks right…is Beyonce a terrorist? Discussion ranges from the failures of the notorious Patricia Arquette Oscar speech to the ways in which Nicki Minaj may or may not promote feminism. From there the hosts talk about the potentiality (and pitfalls) of Minaj’s music video for “Only.”


Feminist Media Pick of the Week:  transwoman-fronted punk-as-fuck band, G.L.O.S.S. 



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