Episode 2: Grrrls with Tattoos

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In this episode of Feminist Killjoys, PhD, Raechel and Melody discuss being women with many large, visible tattoos. How does having tattoos impact our careers? What do our decisions to get heavily tattooed mean in relationship to our identities (as women? as feminists? as punks? as working-class?) ? How do we respond to “tat-calling”?

Here are some links to things we mention/recommend on this topic:

–> Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo, Margot Mifflin

–> The Tattooed Lady: A History Amelia Klem Osterud

–> Tat-calling

–> “Painted Ladies: Why women get tattoos” by Jenn Ashworth

We also discuss: 

–> rad things from our week, including a recap of opening night of the #BlackExcellenceTour2016 with CeCe McDonald and Joshua Allen

–> Chicago activists shut Trump down!; donate to the activists here

–> the connection between Palestinian and Black liberation, and a quick 101 on “pink washing”

Things We are Reading

Mel: all the New York Times; also going to start Cycling City 

Raechel: Pansy by Andrea Gibson

Song We are Listening to On Repeat

Mel: “Sorry” Justin Bieber

Raechel: “Back Up” Dej Loaf

CORRECTIONS (sometimes we mess up): 

-Raechel was confused about Sylvia Rivera Law Project no longer operating; SRLP is going strong!

-Raechel would also like to apologize for not giving a BIG shout out to the amazing Alana at Hidden Rose Tattoo, without whom R would have significantly fewer tattoos. ❤ If you’re in Portland, give her yr business!


(Intro song: “Top Floor”  Grrrrl Prty)


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