Episode 3: Unpacking ‘Feminist Killjoy’

image: sassy heart prints

In today’s episode, Raechel and Melody discuss their podcast namesake. What does it mean to be a feminist? A killjoy? A feminist killjoy?! In the discussion we pay homage to academic, Sara Ahmed, whose work on theorizing the feminist killjoy is definitely an inspiration for our own feminist ethos.

Before you press play, we’d love it if instead you find the link in iTunes and Subscribe! (Go to iTunes, search our name and it’ll pop up in Podcasts).

Also a discussion of: 

–>dancing in straight club spaces

–> connecting with out of town friends

–> Skype emojis and how Raechel is really good at the internet 😉


Links we mention related to feminist killjoying 

-Sara Ahmed’s blog

-Audre Lorde, “The Uses of Anger

-Deborah Gould, “Life During Wartime: Emotions and the Development of ACT UP

What We’re Reading 

Mel: POC accounts of Trump rallies

Raechel: Traister, “What Women Find in Friends that They May Not Get from Love

What Song We are Playing on Repeat

Mel: “Work” Rihanna (ft. Drake)

Raechel: “Get Away” The Internet


(Intro song: “Top Floor”  Grrrrl Prty)

(Outro song: “Suck My Left One” Bikini Kill)


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