Episode 6: Vulnerability in the Classroom


Today, Raechel and Melody get a bit more serious to talk about vulnerability and emotion in the classroom. We discuss navigating our personal feelings on heavy, and sometimes triggering and/or highly difficult topics in front of our students. How do we get through conversations about #BlackLivesMatter, suicide, and sexual assault and still be “professional”? When might vulnerable emotion be productive? Isolating? We reflect on these questions and many more.

Also check-in updates (Mel played video games in class; Raechel gave a speech for her GSA), and What We’re Reading and What We’re Listening to On Repeat!

dr. bell hooks

Recommended reading 

bell hooks, “Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness” 

“The teacher also has to be a person who is going a little further. I don’t for a minute think that we can be teachers who invite students into radical openness if we’re not willing to be radically open ourselves, if we’re not willing to be a witness to our students of how ideas change and shape us, how something affects us so that we think differently than we did before.”

Bernice Malka Fisher, No Angel in the Classroom: Teaching Through Feminist Discourse 

Kyoto Kishimoto  and Mumbi Mwangi, “Critiquing the Rhetoric of “Safety” in Feminist Pedagogy: Women of Color Offering an Account of Ourselves

Content Note: Discussions of suicide, sexual assault, mental health, gun violence.


What we’re reading

Mel: The Invisible Catastrophe by Nathaniel Rich 

Raechel: How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh 

What we’re watching/listening to

Mel: Louie (breaking white man rule); going to start Walking Dead soon

Raechel: two albums- The Life of Pablo (Kanye West) and Next Thing (Frankie Cosmos)


(Intro song: “Top Floor”  Grrrrl Prty)

(Outro song: “Embody” Frankie Cosmos)

xoxox melody & raechel


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