Episode 11: An intentionally delayed response to the responses to LEMONADE

Today Melody and Raechel invite you to not listen to this episode of the podcast in favor of instead listening to the podcasts hosted Black women who have discussed Beyonce’s Lemonade, as their perspectives are more important than ours. That said, if you want to listen to ours after you listen to those, know that our discussion is about the important and smart perspectives we’ve read, listened to, and learned from Black women. Specifically, we discuss bell hooks’ response to the release, and Black feminist responses to perceived femme-antagonism.

*(Thanks to Damon Young for the reminder to take a step back on this topic.)


Here are some POC podcast eps about Lemonade that  you should listen to first:

Podcast of Color

Another Round 

Strange Fruit 

The Read

And THEN, if you still feel like hearing our thoughts, you can listen here:

ALSO! Who’s Ruining the Dinner Party (Raechel says it’s women who police other women’s language, but Mel disagrees). AND Mel’s Feminist Pick of the Month: Rihanna.



xoxox raechel & mel


Intro song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY

Outro song: “Bitch Better Have My Money” Rihanna 


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