Ep 13: Melody on Being the [White] “Ugly Tourist” in Guatemala

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In this episode, Melody talks about her trip to Guatemala. In true killjoy fashion, Melody delves into issues of white privilege, white wealth, and the “ugly tourist.” Her analysis is rooted in Jamaica Kincaid’s essay “A Small Place.” 


Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place [source: acadamia.edu]

From the New York Times Style magazine, Paradise Lost, an outpouring of white privilege in Guatemala (as referenced by Mel)



Reading: Flaming Iguanas! HOLY SHIT best book ever!

Watching: The Lynx! (5-0) on deck: Lady Dynamite

Listening: Beyonce’s Lemonade on CD. (followed my own politics and put down the Drake album, for now)



with love + WTF power,

melody & raechel


Intro song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY

Outro song: “Empty Threat” Kathleen Edward 


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