Clean [&Black] Comedy: Interview with John Gebretatose of Blackout Improv

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Blackout Improv

In episode 20 (!), Melody and Raechel had the pleasure of sitting down with John Gebretatose, a charming man of many titles: he’s a comedian with Blackout Improv, the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Huge Improv Theater, and the Founder of the Twin Cities Black and Funny Improv Festival We asked John about the goals of his all-Black comedy troupe, how to make jokes about race and racism, what comedians inspire him, and much much more. And we got him to join us for our RWLing of the week!

Relevant Reading/Viewing 

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The Bechdel Test 

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John Gebretatose



Melody: Shawn Bauer investigation // Chance the Rapper No Problem video // 2 Dope Queens, Sooo Many White Guys

Raechel: prison stuff//Bob’s Burgers  (&Ghostbusters soon hopefully!)//Jamila Woods 

John:   Keith Johnstone’s Impro//Luther//Jay-Z


W(omen)T(rans)F(emme) Power, raechel & melody xoxo


Intro song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY

Outro song: “99 Problems” Jay-Z 


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