Current Events Roundup + 7 year old Jacob on Video Game Ratings

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Melody and Raechel are finally back 2gether again, ready to discuss some quick thoughts on recent headlines: the Olympics, the GOP, the DNC, Syria, and Jessica Williams’s birthday. PLUS, Mel brings us an interview with 7 year-old Jacob, who has some strong opinions about the video game rating system. And of course, they end with their RWLs of the week (including, a discussion about the highly underrated  “Pump Up the Jam” music video)!

living for this seafoam bodysuit. 



Democracy Now!, “Dave Zirin: Protests by Athletes and Displaced Rio Residents Accompany Opening of 2016 Olympic Games

GOP leaders discuss plans to help candidates distance themselves from Trump

BBC, “Syria rebels ‘break government siege’ of Aleppo




Melody: Octavia Butler’s Feldgling //”Pump Up the Jam” Technotronic  music video//Sophia Eris

Raechel: Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly//Bachelor in Paradise//Downtown Boys



W(omen)T(rans)F(emme) Power, raechel & melody xoox


Intro Song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY
Middle Song: “Video Games” Lana Del Ray
Outro Song: “Monstro” Downtown Boys

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