EP 29: Growing Up with Melody & Raechel (and why we’ll never say “adulting”)

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Just kidding ! We actually like being adults. In this episode, we get down with adulting.

But first, we discuss why we don’t like the term “adulting.”

Who is ruining the dinner party?

Our two-party political system, debates as spectacles, and the inability of either candidate to activate the college student demographic

Ok, back to being adults.

Topics at hand:

Melody buying into a house in a racially diverse neighborhood (academic theories: See Richard Florida’s creative class and Ray Oldenburg’s concept of third space).

Minutes after recording this episode, Melody biked past this coffee shop. Coincidental? Or a powerful universe?

Raechel thinking about children!

Image result for punk baby
Raechel’s future GNC child


Raechel:  partner with ADHD book otherwise known as “ADHD Effect on Marriage”//”Easy” (can find on Netflix) and “Transparent” (Amazon)//Danny Brown

Mel: Lynx journalism // White Helmets // new Bon Iver album, “22, a million” 



W(omen)T(rans)F(emme) Power, raechel & mel xooxx


Intro song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY

Mid song: Danny Brown 

Outro song: “22” Bon Iver 


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