EP 33

TW: discussions of sexual assault and suicide
Melody and Raechel will be in Philadelphia TOGETHER this week, November 9-12! Do you have a great vegan place to recommend? Do you know a photographer who could take some pics of us (we will pay or trade!)? Do you want to hang out?! Let us know on our FB group (Feminist Killjoys Community -WTF Power!). ❤
Journalism PhD Dr. Ruth Defoster joins us to talk about her research on media coverage of terrorist events, her experience working as a bartender (juxtaposed to her experience as a professor at an all-women’s college), and bringing her kids to Black Lives Matter rallies and occupations. All this plus our RWLs of the week!

Please leave us a review on itunes, we’d be so grateful! Also, join our FB Group (Feminist Killjoys Community – WTF Power!), follow us on Instagram, visit our website (feministkilljoyspodcast.com), and follow our Spotify playlist (Feminist Killjoys, PhD Mixtape). Email us at fkj.phd@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Intro song: “Top Floor” GRRRL PRTY

Outro Song: “Brutal” Sims 


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