Ep 50: “Get Out” and Mind Your Own White Business


In this episode, we talk about the film “Get Out” and all of its glory (code words: TSA, racism, brains).* Plus a discussion about how horrible white women are (Editor’s note: there is a substantial amount of white feelings later in the episode, if you ‘d like to skip over that, you should). We finish up our ep talking about our (very brief) hiatus coming up and RWLs.

*skip to minute 36 if you want to avoid all spoilers although the film will be mentioned briefly at one point

Shout outs:
Brittany Willis, “The Most Overlooked And Underrated Characters In ‘Get Out’ Are Black Women”
Myles E. Johnson, “White Women, Mind Your Business”
Philly Print Works
Another Round
Jordan Peele
Daniel Kalvoya
Betty Gabriel


Spliced in: “Free Cece” trailer, “Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga” by Michael Abels (the “Get Out” theme song, would you look at that!)

OUTRO: “Pressure” by Killer Mike (selections)

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