Ep 51: Radical Left Politics 101 with Elias of The New England Unsettler


TW: brief mention of rape as a definition of porn (24-ish min), slight references to suicide (59 min)
In this episode, we welcome Elias as he talks with us about anarchism, communism, and why communist memes are not totally worth your eye rolls. Elias hosts The New England Unsettler (Boston Free Radio) and is in the band Bent Shapes. He is also an anarchist that votes. I know, right?!

“Everyone is born an anarchist, the rest is politics” -Elias

Plus, Raechel and Mel attempt to explain the difference between Radical Feminism and being a feminist radical.

Previous FKJ eps that supplement EP 51 :: EP 10 (Lifestyle Politics), EP 24 (Sex Wars) EP 42 (Black Bloc, etc.)

Rest in Power Edward Crawford

Read these: The Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed, Invasion

OUTRO: “New Starts in Old Dominion” Bent Shapes
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