Ep 52: Call-Out Culture


This week we bring you a listener-requested topic prompted by the Hypatia journal scandal, in which the feminist journal published an essay written by a scholar arguing in defense of transracial identity (aka, what Rachel Dolezel claims). In response, there was huge pushback and ultimately a demand to remove the essay. In response to that demand, there were also several other think pieces and Facebook posts coming out either in support or dissent of that call. We discuss our perspective on this, as well as other issues surrounding academic freedom, hate speech v. free speech, and also how call-out culture manifests in spaces online and elsewhere.

In addition, Mel talks about how she doesn’t like the new Kendrick. #crackerproblems

MOST IMPORTANT! Melody will be in Boston next week (Memorial Day Weekend)! (#knockonwood #thirdtimesacharm). Are you a New England listener and want to hang with us! Let us know and we’ll organize a meet-up!

Not interested in our check-in chit-chat? No problem; skip to 5:17 to get to Whose Ruining the Dinner Party or 11:07 to get to our main topic.

“Academe’s Poisonous Call-Out Culture” by Suzanna Danuta Walters

“Another Day…Hypatia and Cultures of Critique” by Lisa Duggan


OUTRO: A piece of “Hey Mami” Sylvan Esso (old album)
(new album out now, buy it!)
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