Ep 53: Feminist Business, Art, & More with GRL TRBL Founder Emerald Pellot


*soundcheck note: our interview with Emerald brings some city grit to your ears as Emerald was calling in from Harlem and Mel was on location outside a Lynx game in St. Paul, MN*

In this episode, we talk with Emerald, founder of GRL TRBL (grltrbl.com). She designs and sells wicked cool feminist art including enamel pins and postcards. The interview is full of amazing feminist knowledge nuggets.

On why she started grl trbl:: “Words were not an effective way of discussing the current political climate anymore” -Emerald

Our interview starts at the 11 minute mark.


OUTRO: A piece of “May I Have This Dance” by Francis and the Lights (ft. Chance). Check them out at Boston Calling Memorial Day weekend or on YouTube.
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