Ep 54: White Woke Wrongs & News You Can Use


TWs: white processing, discussions of terrorism, brief mentions of sexual assault

In this week’s episode, Raechel & Melody are in the same room (!!!) to talk about being together, process some deep call-out issues around being a bit too heavy on our “woke white” personas, and analyze some of the week’s saddest news. It is not an uplifting episode, but it will hopefully give you a critical framework to reflect upon currents events regarding deportation, white supremacy, & terrorism.
Raechel brings it hard this week, so listen up. *insert fire emoji here*

Featured guest: Polar sparkling water

Featured shout-out: Wide Angle Podium (a bike podcast network that is run by a dope-AF person who is a true friend of the podcast)

If you like to skip around::
Accountability corner//white-women processing :: 13:30 min. mark
News you can use:: 25-ish min. mark

Some sources for this week’s discussion
(please see our newsletter, website, & Twitter for more!)::

We discuss “Teaching Our Own Racism” written by Dr. Brookfield. This article will be uploaded to our website via this episode’s post (we don’t own the rights to the article, we don’t like paywalls, fuck walls). *We really suggest all white educators read this*

“Double consciousness” concept see: W.E.B. DuBois

Thank you, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, Rick Best, and Micah Fletcher


OUTRO: “What About Your Friends” TLC
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