Ep 55: Stonewall, Pride, & Summer S.A.D

In this week’s episode we are celebrating the first week of Pride month by talking about the history of Pride (it wasn’t always corporate floats!). We also discuss the killjoyful and hopeful takeaways from our country’s reversal on the Paris Climate Accord. We finish the episode by talking about what Summer S.A.D. (reverse S.A.D.) is. A bit of education, a bit of cloudiness, a bit of sunshine, a bit of therapy, and most importantly a bit of Raechel singing. ❤

Featured shout-out: Spencer for teaching us an audio trick that we will forever cherish (and use)

//Boston Dyke March Logo in episode art from Meagan O’Brien//

If you like to skip around::
Who is Ruining the Dinner Party :: 9 min. mark
Pride history :: 19:30 min. mark
Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder :: 36-ish min. mark

If Google lets you down, check out our Twitter, Facebook community, and the Patreon-subscriber newsletter for a heap of sources connected to this week’s topics (freeway pollution, Chechnya, ACT UP, etc.)
spliced in: Raechel’s club horn, “Roll Out” Ludacris, “Loner” Mykki Blanco, “Finish Line/Drown” Chance the Rapper ft. NoName et al.
OUTRO: “Summer Sadness” (remix) Lana Del Rey
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WTF (women/trans/femme) POWER!




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