Ep 56: Intersex Activist Pidgeon Pagonis

*TW: Discussion of non-consensual genital surgery is discussed starting at the 18 min. mark*

In this episode, we are honored to speak with the ultra amazing intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis. They are a leader in the intersex justice movement, bringing awareness to the issue of non-consensual medical surgeries performed on intersex babies, and educating the world about the absurdity of the gender binary, and many other things. We get to talk to Pidgeon about their story, their activism, and why they are so dang engaging and charming.

Visit their website :: pidgeonismy.name
and etsy shop :: etsy.com/shop/IntersexisBeautiful
Support their work!

spliced in: Buzzfeed video featuring Pidgeon
OUTRO: “Head Right” (live on Radio K) Manchita & Bionik
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