Ep 57: Dark News & Supporting Loved Ones


In this episode, we discuss our reactions to and analysis of the Yanez verdict (killer of Philando Castile), the Grenfell Tower fire, and a discussion on how to (not) be supportive to a partner or loved one with mental illness.

Strength to all those impacted by the numerous people we have lost this week, and the people already gone for whom justice was not brought (legally or otherwise). It’s been a heavy one.

TW:: Discussion of police violence towards Black people (starting at 9 min mark)
up to 8:25:: Check-ins
9 min mark :: Philando Castile, the officer’s acquittal on all charges, and community activism and organizing (TW: discussion of police violence)
30 min mark:: Grenfell Tower fire
51:30 :: RWLs
Spliced in: Many-times-dubbed BBC interview with a young lad, “God Save the Queen” (cover) Melanie Pain, Crickets, “All Night” Chance the Rapper
OUTRO: “Julia” SZA
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