EP 86: Who is the working-class?


Content Note: Discussion of car accident-related death of a student
Tech Note: We are working on the echo thing that’s happening! echo-free audio coming asap!

Today we discuss the complex definition of working-class and our own complex experiences with class-transitioning. We discuss historical understandings of class, how neoliberalism has shifted that, ways that the system keeps the poor poor and the rich rich, and much more. We share a lot of personal stories, so it’s a pretty vulnerable episode, and we appreciate you all for being a community that makes us feel safe to share our truths.

In addition, Melody shares a story about losing a student to a car accident, so do note that discussion in the time stamp if you think it might be difficult.

Check-ins through 9:20
Discussion of death of a student from 9:30 to 20 min
Class discussion 20 – 62 min


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