EP 86: Who is the working-class?


Content Note: Discussion of car accident-related death of a student
Tech Note: We are working on the echo thing that’s happening! echo-free audio coming asap!

Today we discuss the complex definition of working-class and our own complex experiences with class-transitioning. We discuss historical understandings of class, how neoliberalism has shifted that, ways that the system keeps the poor poor and the rich rich, and much more. We share a lot of personal stories, so it’s a pretty vulnerable episode, and we appreciate you all for being a community that makes us feel safe to share our truths.

In addition, Melody shares a story about losing a student to a car accident, so do note that discussion in the time stamp if you think it might be difficult.

Check-ins through 9:20
Discussion of death of a student from 9:30 to 20 min
Class discussion 20 – 62 min


EP 85: queer advice


In our final installment of Sex & Love month, we discuss research about LGBTQA+ advice columns and offer up some queer advice of our own (cribbing from existing columns, for fun).

EP 83: Thinking Sex, Radical (Queer) Theory and Politics


For our second episode of Sex & Love month, Melody and Raechel talk about the essay “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality” by Gayle Rubin. Topics of discussion include marginalized sex, children and sexuality, and obscenity law. Listener discretion is advised (particularly in regards to children and sex, which happens towards the end of our discussion).
Time stamps:
Chit-chat through about 7 minutes
Discussion 10-47minutes
RWLs 54-end