Ep 75: Selfie-Culture


Raechel and Melody talk selfie culture through a critical, cultural studies lens. Specifically, they work through Henry Giroux’s essay “Selfie Culture in the Age of Corporate and State Surveillance.” Before that, M & R check-in about their weekends (R gave a keynote speech, and M’s friend had an unfortunate experience with gender-policing), and after that they share their RWLs!

Also, note, this will be the last episode before our fall break. We’ll be back in December, better than ever!




Ep 74: Third World Feminisms with Aqdas


In this episode, Raechel and Melody chat with Aqdas, is a PhD student at the University of Maryland, studying postcolonial literature and queer of color critique. We specifically talked with them about Third World Feminisms and how anti-imperialism and decolonialization could be taken up in Western feminism. (Subscribe to our newsletter for more behind the scenes and recommended readings!)
Before the interview: Raechel and Melody check-in about our Halloween costumes, how much we love fall, and our dosha (check out last week’s Killjoy Review for a link to learning more about yours).*